Faster vaccination process
Precise amount of dose
Safe process

Developed to improve

Our vision is clear: contribute to a world in which the pursuit of global health is the priority and where this can be achieved as quickly, precisely (accurately) and safely as possible.

  • Faster

    The Vaxtractor draws up syringes automatically from two vials of vaccine simultaneously. Preparing vaccines with the Vaxtractor is about three times faster compared to manually prepared vaccines.

  • Precise amount of dose

    With the Vaxtractor, the desired volume of vaccine is drawn up automatically. There is no human error during this process.

  • Safer

    Using the Vaxtractor, the risk of needle stick injuries is reduced and the exposure to aerosol formation is prevented.

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When the world got hit by the corona virus in 2019 and starts preparing for battle against the global pandemic, a challenge arises for us: what can we do as a company to contribute to this fight. How can we use our knowledge and how can we participate in solving this major social problem, so that we can return to the “new normal” as soon as possible.

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The Vaxtractor | Fast, accurate and safe

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Atlas Vaxtractor works with a variety of organizations to keep developing and improving.