The Vaxtractor

The Vaxtractor is a semi-automatic device that can be used for large-scale preparation of COVID-19 vaccines. To reduce COVID-19 mortality and morbidity, vaccines are developed. However, preparing COVID-19 vaccines before administration, is a time-consuming process. To accelerate this process and increase efficacy for health care workers, the Vaxtractor was designed and developed.

The Vaxtractor draws up syringes automatically from two vials of vaccine simultaneously. A time analysis was performed on manually and semi-automatically prepared COVID-19 vaccines. Preparing COVID-19 vaccines with the Vaxtractor was about three times faster compared to manually prepared vaccines.

With the Vaxtractor, the desired volume of vaccine is drawn up. Tests has shown that the observed volume per vaccine deviated less than 5% compared to the declared volume. Also, there is no human error during this process.

Using the Vaxtractor, the risk of needlestick injuries is reduced. Also, a sterility test shows no visual sign of growth of micro-organisms. In addition, the Vaxtractor prevents exposure to aerosol formation by venting the syringes in the machine.